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Welcome to Foundations of Psychopomp


Welcome to the Foundations of Psychopomp Course!
Happy to be co-weaving this potent liminal offering with you during these tender times.  Our time together will be spent wisely in a connective and diligent way as we move through the ritual skills building upon what you already have as resources in a strengthening capacity and developing new skills to assist the other than blood lineage ancestors to wellness. 

I developed this course through a culmination experiences since childhood and dedicated tending over the past 20 years. This course provides a safe, grounded framework delivered in a non-dogmatic and experiential context rooted in informative guided drop-in/meditations and rituals that are inclusive to people of diverse beliefs and ancestries.
 Our roles as psychopomps are to be healers who with our helping spirits, will be guiding the souls of the dead transitioning them to their next journey. Psychopomps work as a death doulas, being physically present during the dying process as the person is transitioning ensuring that their soul finds its way to the elevated ones, or one who works with those who have long passed and are anchored to the Earth.

We’ll be moving in these ways through lessons delivered each week, live calls for Q&A and practice development sessions working in triad person pods. 

It’s my habit to set the intention at the beginning of all my endeavors as taught to me by one of my dear mentors. To the greater powers and forces where we seek assistance, on whose lands and in whose planes we seek to inhabit, if anything we say, do or enact, derived from our lack of experience or ignorance, causes unanticipated offense, we seek forgiveness. Instruct us to do better in our endeavors, and by kindness and grace we will follow your wisdom. May all the doors be open to the wisdom and clarity that we seek. May we be held and guided through this framework with all kindness and in ways that bring healing for self and others with harm to none,

Elements of the Course

Each lesson contains several options for exploring the material thoroughly supporting different learning styles. Included in each lesson is a 20-30 minute instructional video, questions for reflection, homework invitations and readings and resources to deepen your experience.
I encourage you throughout the course to clarify any questions that arise through the Frequently Asked Questions page and to consider engaging with others through the eight optional live video conferences which will be recorded.  If it is of interest to you, a private Facebook group (invitation to that forthcoming via email before the course begins). is also available.  Navigation to locate these important course elements, once the course begins are below:
  • Course CalendarYou can stay on top of lesson release dates and live conferences in the course calendar, which you can add to your own Google Calendar.
  • Instructional Videos. Lessons begin with an instructional video at the top of the lesson’s main page, providing the main content of each lesson, including guided exercises (streaming only).
  • Questions for Reflection. These questions are written under each week’s video. Participants are encouraged to reflect individually and to also to share in group spaces.
  • Homework Invitations. Each lesson includes homework suggestions for working with the week’s material. found on the main page of each lesson.
  • Readings and Resources. Each lesson includes readings to deepen the learning of the lesson’s content, found on the main lesson page.
  • Ask Shannon & FAQ Pages. We’ll have dedicated space for any questions that arise as you delve into the work and if relevant and agreed to share with the group, they will be made anonymous, compiled and shared as a resource for garnering collective wisdom. Feel welcome to  “Ask Shannon” using the link in the top menu, or in the sidebar. Shannon will follow up either personally in email, through the FAQ page or in the live video conferences.
  • Live Video Conferences. I will host a 90-minute-long group support/Q&A session every other week on Friday’s at 7pm using the free Zoom platform The schedule and the link to join as well as links for the post-conference recordings (posted within a few days of the event) can be found in the left sidebar under Live Calls.
  • Practice Development. On alternating weeks of the live video conference you will be meeting in your pods, which is comprised of 3 participants each for practice development of learned/enhanced ritual skills. These meetings are to be scheduled between pod members on the alternating week according to your collective scheduling. They involve 90 minute sessions which will give you each an opportunity to practice for 30 minutes for each pod member (20 minute guided ritual, 10 minutes of feedback).  One person will be in the practitioner role, another the client, and the third, the witness. Then you will switch each 30 minutes to allow each member an opportunity in each roll. One member of each pod will need to have the ability to schedule via ZOOM the 90 minute meet-up.
  • Private Facebook Group. This is a truly optional additional space for those who use Facebook. See the Community link in the main menu to access this space.
  • Troubleshooting. If you encounter any glitches with the course or need help getting into Zoom, try our troubleshooting page.

When you have completed each lesson’s material, you can select Mark Complete at the bottom of the main lesson page to move on to the next lesson when it is released and track your progress. Once released, you may engage with any of the lessons at any time. A course content overview with release dates is included at the bottom of the page, and a progress bar can be found at the top of the sidebar.

You will have continual access to the course without limit, although the Ask Shannon function will be closed shortly after the course ends. The Facebook group will remain open with new members being added each time the course is offered.
Welcoming you all for dedicating your time here and hoping you have a fruitful experience. Please reach out to me at with any questions or concerns about the course that arise.