Authenticity and Personal Sovereignty Retreat

Join me on a retreat for the day to discover your authentic self where you will come to deeply appreciate your personal sovereignty.

Questions come up frequently when navigating the complex web of human relations. Where do I end and others begin? How can I tell when I am compromising myself? How can I tell when other’s are consciously or unconsciously asking me to provide something that I don’t have or don’t want to give? How can I navigate through situations where I unintentionally gave away my power and now would like to reclaim it? How do I deal with wirey, funky fall out that comes in the after math? Sounds intense, I know, but I truly believe the only way out is through! AND, what I do know is when the space is held in the lovely container of the spirits that come through Heart Path, with heart centered folks who show up for their healing, we are all held so lovingly. We will find this place a haven, a retreat to our sacred selves!

From a heart centered space we will drop in through several layers of karmic healing and release through ritual any contracts, burdens, or obligations that are not ours. We will call in our authentic selves and develop a unique personal ritual for establishing and maintaining boundaries that are healthy, grounded and reaffirming. We will claim our personal sovereignty, and move forward in our re-established independence.

Yes, yes, yes! I’m loving every part of this and hope you’ll join in!

This workshop is not offered at this time. If you are interested in hosting this workshop at your location, please reach out. You can contact me your interest below.