Dreaming Through Epoch Times ~ An Animist Guide to Dreamwork

Contact with dead in dreams is a natural phenomenon. From an animist perspective there is acknowledgement that when we die, we drop our body, but our consciousness goes on. .The departed ones now exist in another liminal field, but they are not far from us, seeking connection often through dreams. For most in the western world who have lost this way of relating, it may seem foreign to engage in relationship and communication with the dead. It is for this reason the dead are often the ones who initiate the conversations with us, in our dreams states. They come for connection, they come to offer assistance, they come to seek assistance, they come because they may not know they ever left. They like many of us seek the gravitas of belonging to place, to a beloved. Please join us for a dedicated dreamwork practice where we meet at the liminal intersection of dreamwork, psychopomp, and ancestral veneration.