Black Mountain, NC

Please join us for a powerful community practice of tracking your dreams in the sweet liminal places between waking and dreaming, a land rich with your personal metaphors waiting to be witnessed, alchemized and birthed into being. In this way, we become the dream midwife, the alchemist of our dreams.


Welcome to the practice of deep connection to the wisdom of our dreams tracked through visioning, meaningful dialogue, and ritual to honor the spirits who communicate with us in our sacred dream time.

Each session will welcome the major spirits of affinity who often show up in our dreams to assist us in finding balance in our waking lives and in meeting and living our destiny. We will learn, witness, and dialogue, sharing in our experiences with dreams in which the spirits commune with us done through guided visioning exercises connecting with your allies, ancestors and helping spirits which will provide you with key insight to your monthly dreaming cycles and so much more!

Prior work with shamanic dreaming is helpful but if this calls to you, please reach out to Shannon for a one on one session to ensure you are properly prepared for the group dynamics and practices.

Space is limited to 8 and registration reserves your space.


Image by Susan Seddon Boulet