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Fall Equinox Passage

Engage in rituals which honor the rhythm of the Earth. Be in personal ceremony which will inform you of what needs to fall away from your experiences since the spring equinox and will guide you on how to prepare for the long winter.



I learned from a very wise woman that every season brings its own initiations, but Fall rites of passage are the most important because they illuminate the rituals for all the other months of the year. While the sun setts in the west,  it is a time where we are falling away from the innocence of summer (spiritual childhood) and merging into the starkness of the long winter (spiritual adulthood). We do so in order to be better grounded and prepared to make it through the winter.

You are invited to join our circle where you will begin your seasonal withdrawal into your own hearth of winter’s dwelling. As a participant in this passage, you will experience rituals and guided journeys which will inform you of what needs to fall away and be returned to the Earth in order to make way for the stories of transformation and healing which will prepare you for the long winter’s dreaming, This is your Fall initiation.


For more information, please contact Shannon at 706-612-3816 or shannon@redearthhealing.org