Your Monthly Virtual Courier to Belonging.

Winter Solstice Edition
Drops December 21st, 2019


When we honor the rhythms of the Earth’s seasons, as our ancestors have for thousands of years, something happens to us internally. As current world demands take us farther and farther from our center, our truth, when we seek to be in reciprocity with the Earth, we are grounded and not easily thrown off course. With a deepening understanding of our place in the larger cosmos, we then live with fully embodied joy for the well-being of the world, what remains is deepening attention to the unseen unobscured by the intensity of modern living.

I hope you will join the dedicated ritualists in this sacred way to tuning your inner compass to the turning of the wheel in Earth’s cycles. The process assists us personally and as a collective in listening to our soul’s calling, that which is for you to work within the context of your own mythos, for the sake of your life and all the places you inhabit. Here there is a bigger truth, a narrative which places your life in the context of the sacred. It is a place to turn loose the felt experiences of personal and collective sorrow for all that has been lost in the natural world, and reclaim the wilderness of your soul’s terrains indigenous to your belonging in the place of things.

During this time we will call on the elevated ones who reign over the season to assist us in dismembering all the debris and personal myths that accumulate in our earth walk between each turning of the calendar wheel, which holds us back from our sense of belonging. We will then visit liminal spaces leaning in on the enriching experience of being re-membered to our truest natural state of being as we move forward in these terrains of becoming. Existing within these experiences is our heartfelt giving of land offerings, song, ritual and reclaiming of old ways of honoring.

Through the work, you will come to understand the ways in which you are rooted within the particular historic narratives of your ancestors, and of your own felt experiences, how you personally have become woven into a collective field of archetypes and personal myths alchemizing your becoming. 

In this online version, you’ll receive an audio drop in to follow along with journaling prompts, altar suggestions and a written transcript of the meditation on the announced drop date. Most of these will follow the 8 Celtic Sabbat dates.  The four additional monthly meditations will be announced and the good news is, there is no need to go anywhere as these are delivered right to your inbox!

December’s focus will be on the Winter Solstice. In this guided meditation you will focus your intentions on the burning away of all things that do not need to be carried forward in your life. It is no easy task to enter into a ritual that asks you to lay upon the altar all that isn’t working for you. As such we hold ritual space for grief and engage in a practice to intentionally dismember burdens along with your unique karmic contracts so that you may enter into the next season with renewed purpose and clarity. We are here on the longest night and the shortest day. This session will also remind us of the inner light hidden in the darkness warming the seeds of our future growth, lighting the path for our emergence from the Earth.

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