OSTARA (Spring Equinox) ~ Athens. GA
March 21st, 2020

Thrive Integrative Medicine
2080 Prince Ave, Athens, GA 30606

Welcome to this sacred way of tuning our inner compass to the turning of the wheel in Earth’s cycles.  The process assists us personally and as a collective in divining what the soul is calling you to work within your life and on behalf of your community as you move through the seasons of the year.

Image by Jackie Morris


We have lost ways of harmonizing with the Holy Earth’s rhythms in this 21st century due to hundreds of years of colonization, migration, and industrialization. As a result, many experience cultural and spiritual amnesia, a felt loss of sense of belonging to place and ways of relating with both the seen and unseen around us. We have lost those cyclical rituals which alchemize our becoming-how each of us harnesses the sacred for our own soul’s evolution.

“We are in need of a deeper story, one that reveals our own interior mystery to offset the counterfeit images given to us by a culture disconnected from the sacred”  ~ Frances Weller

When we honor the rhythms of the Earth’s seasons, as our ancestors have for thousands of years, something happens to us internally.  As current world demands take us farther and farther from our center, our truth, when we seek to be in reciprocity with the Earth, we are grounded and not easily thrown off course. With a deepening understanding of our place in the larger cosmos, we then live with fully embodied joy for the well-being of the world, what remains is deepening attention to the unseen unobscured by the intensity of modern living.

March 21st, 2020 


Equinoxes are about the constant balance of life’s seeming dualities,  and as such, we embark on the serpentine journey from death into life in the Spring and life into death in Autumn. The exchange of light and dark, yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies follows the rhythms of the Earth as we become a pathfinder of the wisdom of our life.

In the Wheel of the year, we are at a time when dark moves to balance the light.  As Spring reaches its midpoint, night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on the increase.  Around us and within us, life force quickens, the soil begins to warm, the sap is rising, trees start to awaken, and seeds begin to germinate where we celebrate Rebirth Renewal and Abundance. The young Sun God now celebrates a hierogamy (sacred marriage) with the young Maiden Goddess, who conceives. In nine months, she will again become the Great Mother. It is a time of great fertility, new growth, and newborn animals.

It’s the season to acknowledge the Ostara, the Germanic goddess who’s powers preside over fertility, renewal, and rebirth. The Goddess Ostara is traditionally seen as having the shoulders and head of a hare. For our Celtic ancestors, the hare is sacred to the Goddess and represents the moon. Also, in some mythologies, Ostara is associated with serpent or dragon energy.

Also very present is the Goddess Persephone. Before she earns her name, Persephone is Kore, the youthful aspect of the Triad Goddess, the naive Spring Maiden.  In Greek myth, Kore,  the daughter of Demeter,  is seized by Hades, and taken into the underworld.  Demeter, in her grief, causes the world to die – no plants bear fruit, no bees pollinate, no flowers bloom.   At last, an agreement is made in which Persephone can be returned to her mother but because the youthful Goddess has eaten 6 pomegranate seeds, she must return to the underworld for part of the year to be the wife of Hades. It is Hecate, with her two torches, who assists Kore to return from the darkness into the world of light, and Kore matures into  Persephone, the dual and integral Goddess of both life and of death.

There is further lore still residing in Ancient Sumeria with the Goddess Inanna, who like Persephone is said to preside over the Equinox seasons. Only her story a bit more complicated and in a bargain for her to return from the dead, it is her husband, Dumuzi, who must travel for part of the year into the Underworld realm to become the husband of Ereshkigal her sister as well as Inanna.

“We see In both these myths there is great wisdom about not only the cycles of the natural world but our own participation in these cycles, physically, emotionally, psychically.  Without the sleep of winter there can be no exuberance of spring,  without incubation there can be no birth.   If we attempt to remain in perpetual youth, we cannot mature into the empowerment of adulthood.  If we refuse to allow ourselves to grieve, we cannot heal and move into new ways of being.” ~ Lauren Raine

After having passed through the gates of winter’s death lodge/dismemberment and the composting of Imbolc, the Goddesses bring light and life to the Earth

What are you birthing, what gifts are emerging, what opportunities are waking and stirring?

To find out please join me on March 17th for a ritual day of tending as we, along with the ancients, honor the return of Inanna, Ostara and Persephone, and the bright fields of Persephoné’s Mother, Demeter, Mother Earth, the Mother of us all.

We will engage in rituals and guided journeys with the Goddesses and their aspects. Through your visionary experiences, you will begin to further develop your personal relationship with the healing powers of these deities and clarify your purpose.


.:.  Join the Sacred Way of Becoming.:. 

During this day of ritual tending we track our Becoming. As the Sun returns we hear the cracking of our emerging in the belly of the Earth Mother, the seeds turning in the soil beneath us, we nurture what will be born in the return of Spring. 

We’ll embrace opportunities to be transformed from the season of the deep winter’s floor into our birthing into the spring, our childhood, a soul reaching for the light of awareness, empowerment, and connection with the world around you.

As a participant in this workshop, you will experience Imbolc initiations, rituals specifical to vision health and prosperity into hearth and home, and guided journeys that yield an abundance of visions, positive physical sensations, interactions with healing images, archetypes and meaningful metaphors, along with information about this process and much more.
Looking forward to sharing in this sacred space with you all.
  Hope to see you at the Holy Well!

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