The Alchemy of Becoming ~ Winter Solstice/ Yule Immersion

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Heart Path Studio
160 Tracy Street, Suite 2C
Athens, GA

Join a group of dedicated ritualist who have been meeting for two years now in this sacred way to tune their inner compass to the turning of the wheel in Earth’s cycles.  The process assists us personally and as a collective in listening to hear what the soul is calling you to work with in our lives and on behalf of our communities.


We have lost ways of harmonizing with the Holy Earth’s rhythms in this 21st century due to hundreds of years of colonization, migration, and industrialization. As a result, many experience cultural and spiritual amnesia, a felt loss of sense of belonging to place and ways of relating with both the seen and unseen around us. We have lost those cyclical rituals which alchemize our becoming-how each of us harnesses the sacred for our own soul’s evolution.

“We are in need of a deeper story, one that reveals our own interior mystery to offset the counterfeit images given to us by a culture disconnected from the sacred”  ~ Frances Weller

When we honor the rhythms of the Earth’s seasons, as our ancestors have for thousands of years, something happens to us internally.  As current world demands take us farther and farther from our center, our truth, when we seek to be in reciprocity with the Earth, we are grounded and not easily thrown off course. With a deepening understanding of our place in the larger cosmos, we then live with fully embodied joy for the well-being of the world, what remains is deepening attention to the unseen unobscured by the intensity of modern living.

I hope you will join a group of dedicated ritualist who have been meeting for two years now in this sacred way to tune their inner compass to the turning of the wheel in Earth’s cycles.  The process assists us personally and as a collective in listening to hear what the soul is calling you to work with in our lives and on behalf of our communities.

.:. Dates and Times .:.

Winter Solstice/Yule Immersion

December 21st, 2019 


The Alchemy of Becoming: Winter Solstice with Cailleach Bhearra

The old one stands at the crossroads waiting for her daughters to join her. She knows that life can bring you to your knees, she knows that death can bring you to your knees. She knew when everything changed in your soul and yet the world acted as if everything was the same. The old one stands at the crossroads to howl, to keene, to grieve what needs to be grieved with you. She knows when you step out of that crossroads, you will never be the same. She knows that this world you live in tells you to get on with life, but she knows that grief has her own way, takes her own time and she wants you to know that you ain’t alone in this pilgrimage of the soul. She knows the village of the dark mothers singing the death songs were silenced a long long time ago. She knows the keeners are not hired like they use to be. She knows that tears not shed can turn to ice and freeze you heart. She knows that the howl in your belly can turn to belly aches. She knows a lot. She wants you to know, she will never abandon you. She knows how to walk in the bone yard, singing and dancing over the bones. She knows one day new skin, new flesh will cover those bones and get up and walk back down the road to the land of living. She knows these things! Yes, she does!  ~ reda rackley

.:. Winter Solstice .:.

It was the season of darkness, the time when the earth went dormant once more, sleeping until the spring returned. It was cold, often brutally so, and a lack of preparation could mean certain death. Those who didn’t plan in advance might starve, freeze, or die of illness. The days were short, the nights were long, and it must have seemed as though spring would never return.

Despite all of this, our ancestors knew that despite the darkness of the night and the chill in the air, soon the light would return to the earth, bringing with it life. This night, the Winter Solstice, welcomes back the Sun, the ultimate giver of light.

.:.  Join the Sacred Way of Becoming.:. 

What’s on your New Year’s Resolution Altar? And just how do we make way for welcoming our becoming when we carry yesteryears regrets/unfinished business?

Our Ancestors knew the importance of engaging in ritual ceremony and visioning bringing one from Mother to Crone, the transition from adulthood into elderhood. 

In the depths of Winter, we cultivate wisdom, living closest to the Earth as we run through our storages. We experience hibernation, the scarcity, and sparseness of Winter.

In this way, we let go, and die to what needs to be released before we emerge into our New Year. To me, this is the most important of ritual tending of the year.  Time to shed, my Beloveds and Sacred Bone Mother is our guide in this endeavor. 

Also during this day of ritual tending we track our Becoming. As the Sun returns we hear the cracking of our emerging in the belly of the Earth Mother, the seeds turning in the soil beneath us, and the promises in Winter’s dreaming, what will be born in the Spring. 

We’ll embrace opportunities to be transformed from spiritual adulthood toward our elderhood, a soul reaching for the light of awareness, empowerment, and connection with the world around you.

As a participant in this workshop, you will experience Winter Solstice initiations, rituals, and guided journeys that yield an abundance of visions, positive physical sensations, interactions with healing images, archetypes and meaningful metaphors, along with information about this process and much more.
Looking forward to sharing in this sacred space with you all! 
3 Seats available in this offering. Hope to see you at the Holy Well!

Registration Details

All events are held at Heart Path Studio and are on Saturdays with the exception of the weekend retreat for Samhain which will be at Parker Ranch in Clayton, Ga. Space is limited to 8 (1 seat remaining)

If opting to come to only select dates, each individual session will be offered at $125, with the exception of the Parker Ranch retreat which will be offered at $250.

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