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The Alchemy of Becoming

Part One : Inner Light, November 18th, 2017, 10am-5pm
Part Two: Intentional Dismemberment, December 2nd, 2017, 10am-5pm
Part Three: Rebirth: Dreaming Your New Liminal Self, January 13th, 2017, 10am-5pm
Heart Path Studio
160 Tracy Street, Suite 2C
Athens, GA

Join a transformative 3 month alchemical journey tracking your destiny in 2019 and discovering the unique gifts you will bring to the world, the beauty way, in the year ahead.



The Alchemy of Becoming

In our Western culture we are programmed to set intentions at the beginning of the year. Often the resolutions begin with firm commitments only to the surprise that by the spring the energy towards pushing the work forward wanes. This can be in part due to the complexity of our identities. When these goals are set, mostly they are set by some outward socially driven force which has dictated to us how to show up with no clear sense of our own purpose.

So how do we discern what is uniquely ours from say our blood lineage ancestors or from social constraint?

Through the work I’ve been engaging in over the past few years with ancestral lineage repair, I can say with confidence that having a clearer sense of your inherited gifts and burdens passed through the lineage is helpful in clearing the way to what is uniquely yours in your life time.

It is at this critical place where you can meet who you are, and what you signed up for when your soul inhabited your body. It’s helpful to lean in to what particular contracts your soul made when you decided to put both feet on the earth plane. Its even more helpful to know how to bring support to your unique life force: your inner light so that you may walk closer to your path, how to navigate with more fluidity the contracts that are yours, and how to, if necessary, renegotiate those contracts.

The Alchemy of Becoming is a series of three workshops over 3 months in which will become more aligned and attuned to your identity and from this place create goals which bring you to right action in your life in 2019. This is deeply transformative work which will be held in a sacred container using ceremony, prayer and journey work.

Part One : Inner Light
November 18th

In this full day of tending our inner light we will journey to our inner light and learn how to tend and keep our life force vibrant. This work will involve western shamanic journey practices along with indigenous ceremony and ritual where you will learn tracking skills to ascertain your soul contracts and destiny, learn ritual skills to navigate and negotiate those contracts and leave with a clearer defined purpose and set intentions for our work for the upcoming year.

Part Two: Intentional Dismemberment
December 2nd, 2017

It’s important to know what things to keep and goals to set before going into the darkness of the winter months ahead. The rites of the fall are important in many cultures because they help us release those inherent lessons we have learned. Facing the past we summon the recognition of events that have opportunity for healing or accept the ones that remain unable to be transmuted, but can be transcended.

In part two of this series you will experience the burning away of all things that do not need to be carried for in your life. You will engage in a practice to intentionally dismember burdens along your unique karmic contracts so that you may enter into the next season with renewed purpose and clarity.


Part Three:
Rebirth: Dreaming Your New Liminal Self
January 13th

There are some cultures who have a viewpoint which holds that we dream this life first before it comes into reality. As we shape our new consciousness for the new year, what are you dreams showing you of you’re becoming. This is a deep time for personal introspection and sacred dreaming as our dreamtime becomes evocative and provides us with the nutrients that are needed to prepare for our emergence in spring. This workshop highlights the dream process, dives deeply into providing support for dreams we cannot recall, and incubates dream healing and dream soul retrievals. You will emerge from this, the end of the series with a greater knowing and love of self, better resourced, and aligned with your purpose.

The Alchemical Process:

All three workshops are helpful to take in succession but not required. You can choose to participate in all three or just the ones that speak to you directly. My sense is that the dedication to the process of staying in the energy of all three with full in person attendance will yield profound shifts and renewals for participants. However if you already have within yourself experience with any of the offerings, I encourage you to stay in the energy of the series, and do your personal work.

Cost for each session is $125 or if choosing to sign up for all three, $300.00
If you make the commitment to sign up for all three you may pay the total upfront or divide the payments in 3. If choosing to take only certain portions of the series, the total cost of each individual session is $125. Payment towards your choice of individual session or all three is required for registration. Please email me at shannon@redearthhealing.org to register for an individual session.

Space in each workshop is limited to 10

Registration is secured through PayPal to Shannon@heartpathstudio.org
Or if needed to pay by check, please message me at shannon@heartpathstudio.org.