Second Sundays of Each Month 7pm-9pm EST

Welcoming the collective of Bardo tending folk who have completed the Foundations of Psychopomp. In this space, we continue to support the lamented through collective tending of the liminal landscapes.


Welcome to the Grove

The Grove is a virtual meeting space for those of us who are gathered around collective healing of the dead via psychopomping. 

Here we will connect with one another through the Zoom Platform supporting one another as we move forward as Psychopomp Aspirants. We will meet the 2nd Sundays of each month from 7pm to 9pm. 

Our time will be divided between continued mentoring with Shannon, (good to bring any questions or growth edges to the collective as your navigated the liminal realms of the lamented), and in collective ritual as we psychopomp in the bardo those liminal landscapes where healing is required. 


Completed the Foundations of Psychopomp Course facilitated by Shannon Willis


Suggested tuition of $40 but as we are in tender times, the current rate is also offered on sliding scale. Please pay what feels equitable for you in your current economic circumstances. 

Reach out if you have any questions to