Together, we can…

Develop our inner resources to re-member how to walk more consciously on the Earth. Done through various practices such as journey work, visioning, guided meditative experiences, and rituals, we will emerge coming home to our authentic self.

Discover a community of like minded souls emerging from all walks of life in which we can continue to share in perspectives reviving animistic practices and beliefs.

The sacred connections we make while in a spiritual community enable us to have a clear sense of  personal sovereignty, a sense of being grounded and empowered as we remembering who we really are, the unique gifts we have to offer, and how we can contribute to walking softer on the Earth.

When we are living and dreaming consciously in harmony between ordinary and non-ordinary reality deeply rooted in nature we become more active participants in building compassionate and loving spaces for all mankind and the greater web of other than human relations.