Dreaming with the Lamented

The Animist Guide to Ancestral Dreamwork 

September 25th, 2023 ~ November  27tH, 2023


This connective gathering is for anyone seeking meaningful ways of understanding how the landscapes of dreamtime and our ancestors who inhabit this liminal field are sources of potency, foretelling and ways of being of service. For those who bring heart awareness, presence and willingness to explore the blessedness of dreaming & ancestor veneration as restorative healing in connection with the wider field of relations, seen and unseen.

This is also for anyone who is seeking and wanting to participate in a community of dream weavers, ancestor venerators, alchemists and midwives of the soul through deeply embodied dreamwork. For those who seek to know, both intimately and through witnessing, the benefits of understanding the soul’s journey in non-ordinary reality as we sleep and wishing to embody those experiences in waking life.

Our work is rooted in an animist, earth honoring, diverse and culturally competent safe space, We will explore these liminal landscapes bringing not only holy levity to the work but also auspicious and timely-needed kindness .

 Feel free to also listen to recordings later if material is of interest but you are finding amidst all the new ways of on online connecting, you just can’t do one more zoom meeting…  


Live calls will be every Monday 3 pm EST  beginning on Monday, September 25th, 2023

Our last gathering via Zoom on Monday, November 27th, 2023 at 3pm EST. 

We’ll be using the Zoom platform, which is free and can be accessed online, through the Zoom app, or via telephone call-in

What We'll Do

The liminal place between waking and dreaming is a land rich with your personal metaphors waiting to be witnessed, alchemised and birthed into being. In this way we become the dream midwife, the alchemist of our dreams together with your people, the lamented, the well, the ancients.  In our time together you will enjoy the safe container co-created by our focused intention to:

  • Create ritual space in which you may explore the many realms of your waking and sleeping states with your ancestors of blood spiritual lineage, and former selves
  • The circle is weaved for the 10 weeks through the potent threshold of Samhain, a honoring season of the dead. 
  • We will orient our dreamtime to an experiential space as opposed to an interpretive space.
  • Engage in Rituals of Ancestor Reverence and Elevation
  • Learn to differentiate different types of dreams, and the levels of wellness of your ancestors interacting in your dreamscapes..
  • Develop meaningful connections gaining insight into how your ancestors and other helping spirits are directing you through your dreams.
  • Explore reasons why the dead are appearing in your dreams and how to provide ritual assistance
  • Develop deep wisdom associated with dream tracking, following synchronicity, putting your dreams into action.

What’s Included

  • Live weekly sessions via Zoom ~  10 sessions 90 minutes with Shannon to co-weave our dreaming community.
  • Foundational Approaches to Ancestral Dreamwork~ Each week will feature dedicated teachings and experiential ritual embodiment during each call which merge dreamwork with ancestral healing.
  • Dreams in Action ~ We will be working on actual dreams as a group in every call via break out sessions so you can engage intimately in the Ancestral dreamwork process. 
  • Q&A Forums ~ Connective space for Q&A and discussion of course material in person via our zoom calls,
  • Recordings for revisiting.  The teaching and ritual part of  each call will be recorded for engaging with course material if your unable to make the call. Audio excerpts of just the guided practices will also be included.
  • Online Community ~ Course participants can connect with a diverse and international community through private dedicated group which will our anchor our time together.
  • Lifetime Access ~ All registrants enjoy unlimited ongoing access to all course content after completion.

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 If you need a reduction beyond what is provided or a payment plan, please reach out directly to shannon@redearthhealing.org


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Frequently Asked

This course is for all level of dream tenders, those who are avid at recall and working the dream and those who are just beginning to explore their dream time. I believe we live through experiences in our dream time first and then actualize them in waking life and we can dream for our community as well. The only pathway to this is with everyone!

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

A full refund is available for up to 30 days after the course begins. If helpful, please reach out as I would like to see if it’s possible to make the course work for you. Of course, you are welcome to the refund as well with no questions asked.

All Zoom calls will be recorded and made available within 48 hours within the dedicated space on Mighty Networks

Facilitated By

Shannon Willis, M.Ed is dedicated animist and ritualist, helping others achieve clarity, connection and rootedness through the exploration of liminal landscapes of the seen and unseen. Through heart-centered ritual aimed at re-establishing balance and personal sovereignty, and through deeping the pathways of connection within the wider web of relations, her work is found at the intersection of dream midwifery, psychomping, and ancestral reverence. 

For over 30 years she has committed her life to partnership with others in transforming trauma and cultural wounding for both the living and the dead. She has a Masters degree in Professional Leadership and Counseling with a focus in Jungian and Gestalt modalities, is the founder of Red Earth Healing, a student of Yoruba culture as an initiate of Ọbàtálá, and Ọ̀ṣun, in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà Awoyadé from Òdè Rẹ́mọ. making pilgrimages to work with elders in West Africa. She is also a devotee of Nepali shamanism, and other diverse indigenous paths of her ancestors. She is a certified practitioner and teacher of Dr. Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Lineage Healing method.

Her recent and older people of blood and bone hail from the British Isles, France, West Africa and Cherokee and Kaskaskia/Illini nations. Committed to collective healing, she holds grounded, empathic, non dogmatic, heart-centered ritual space which supports presence, trust, and community rooted in the ancient ways of being of service to the Earth.

Main Image by Paul Harris at Glavind Strachan

Thanks for your consideration, all good things your way, ~ Shannon