Healing sessions and mentorships are provided through the lens of being a co-conspirator with you in restoring vitality and inner connectedness. Trained in a variety of spiritual healing and ritual practices, my role is one of lighting the path, pointing you in the direction of a fully embodied life which will enable you to shift through your imbalances, embody your true nature, and become re-acquainted with your personal sovereignty.

The sacred connections we make while in a spiritual community enable us to have a clear sense of our personal sovereignty, while being grounded and empowered as we remember who we really are, the unique gifts we have to offer, and how we can contribute to walking softer on the Earth. Grateful to welcome you to a host of offerings where through intentional safe space we will connect with our ancestors, spirits of affinity and of place to strengthen our connection with the world around us.

A blog which holds space for words potent and true. Words of sweetened wisdom, the healing stories which spark imagination, sing the words of our healed ancestors, and bring us on adventures into mythos, and cultural lore.

(Art by Andrew Merenkov)

Upcoming Offerings

Autumn Equinox

September 18th, 2022

11am-2pm Eastern

Online Practitioner Training

August 2023- January 2024