Ancestral Lineage Healing

Coming into direct relationship with our wise and loving ancestors can be a potent source of support for transforming intergenerational pain into blessing. Ancestral lineage healing emphasizes learning to relate directly with one’s recent and more ancient blood ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing.

Those seeking to better understand the complex and interconnected relationship between the living and the dead will learn healthy ways to maintain connection with beloved family after their death by coming into direct relationship with their ancestors. The sessions will assist in transforming negative family patterns into blessings which encourages good health, self-esteem, clarity of purpose, and better relationships with the living.

Ancestor reverence and ritual is an important part of my personal practice. Leading a monthly ancestor healing circle for 2 years in Athens, I have been honored to see tons of healing which occurs through steady tending of the ancestors.  I  have also completed an intensive training with Dr. Daniel Foor  to guide ancestral lineage healing work for others individually. For more information on his work visit:

Soul Retrieval

When an individual experiences illness, injury, or emotional trauma, the experience may be too difficult to bear, and a loss of soul essence can occur. Parts of the soul that split off from the body, may be unable to return on their own, leaving vital energies depleted. In some cases this depletion can be extreme. Feelings of persistent bereavement, helplessness, incompleteness, isolation, fragmentation, or un-groundedness are can indicate that soul loss has occurred.

During the practice of Soul Retrieval, the practitioner journeys into non-ordinary reality to locate these lost soul parts. With the help of her helping spirits, the practitioner is able to recover the lost soul parts and return them to the client’s body.  With the recovery of the missing soul parts, and the practice of compassionate self-care, a return of a sense of safety, trust and compassion towards self can result. A sense of personal power, self-determination, and purpose may also be renewed.


Energy blocks or intrusions can form in the body when soul loss or power loss has occurred, leaving vulnerabilities in the energy field. Often these intrusions can occur from negative thought forms either from our own psyche or from others projections, considered a form of personal or unintentional sorcery. Intrusions can also often come from more amatuer intentional forms of  anger, or ill wishing to more sophisticated professional curses.  From a supportive place, the role of a practitioner is to perceive and remove harmful energy from the body and energy field assisting the client in unraveling and intentional or unintentional intrusions.

Work done here includes rituals that unravel personal or unintentional sorcery, curses, or negative thought forms and energies which release the intrusions and transmute them.  A diagnostic journey and divination is performed initially to determine the best approach to the work. This type of session is better suited in person but depending on course can often be done through distance work.


Many of us have experienced unexplained phenomenon in our lives. These occurrences are often caused by spirits whose transition into the afterlife was interrupted at the time of death due to trauma on this plane, or because of unfinished business that kept the soul bound to this environment.

These spirits may become caught in earth-bound patterns indefinitely, and need help to progress with their transition. Until they receive this help, they may persist in making their presence known through creating disturbances in the environment. Through Shamanic Psychopomp work, the Practitioner works directly with these souls in non-ordinary reality, to guide them compassionately through the transition process, into the next phase of their journey.

As the dedicated work of Psychopomp directly addresses the needs of Spirits who are in need of assistance, it can be highly effective when general clearing practices, such as smudging, or clearing ceremonies, do not improve environmental symptoms.

Trained by Gail Gulick on Sandra Ingerman’s  approach to Soul Retrieval, Extraction, and Psychopomp, these transformational practices restore wholeness and empowerment to individuals who are suffering from extended trauma.


We have been dreaming since the dawn of mankind, and as dreaming is a universal experience with a very long history, just about every culture since this time has held dreams in fascination, understanding that dreams have particular relevance to waking life.  In animist cultures dreams were told upon waking to family and tribal members as often there was a gifted dreamer who held dreams for others and the community in which crops were planted in more favorable conditions, dangerous storms were forewarned, and ill fortune and sickness was prevented.

I view dream work which includes direct visioning and journeying as an art of being fully present while embodying an inner knowing which comes from the realm of dreams.  Through several years of ritually tending my own dreams, facilitating dream circles, workshops and mentoring with Robert Moss and consulting privately with individuals, I know, both intimately and through witnessing, the benefits of understanding the soul’s journey in non-ordinary reality as we sleep and embodying those experiences in waking life.

Actively engaging in dream work to discover the benefits of your dreams and visions enables an allowing and direction of your soul’s purpose.  If you are called to dream work or journey work, as a dream doula, I create a safe container in which you may explore the many realms of your dreams where we will explore several approaches laying the foundation of the your dreaming and journeying practices. You will develop techniques to assist you with dream recall through journaling and dream re-entry, and will develop connection gaining insight into how your guides, and ancestors are directing you through your dreams and visions. Individual sessions as well as several dream groups are available to provide guidance and assist you in exploring your dreams/visions in depth.