Welcome to the New Moon Ritual Salon.

New moons are potent thresholds through which we mark what has transpired and forge into the vastness of new beginnings.  When we honor our felt experiences through cyclical rituals, we alchemize our unique becoming-how each of us harnesses the sacred for our own soul’s evolution.

Our Ritual Vessel
Salons came to the height of popularity in the 18th century as a gathering place for discourse and debate on current affairs. Our ritual vessel is much like this gathering place where we invite the wise potent powers and Forces of Nature to join us in discovering the pathways of right relationship for equanimity in our lives and in all our connections with the unseen realms.
What we Will Do
Once a month for 60 minutes we will gather as a collective connecting with the forces of nature that preside over the lunations in the liminal realm. 
During 2 experientai practices, you will connect with the potent forces of nature that are associated with each lunation to develop clarity and insight for right action in your life.
Our Natal Moon speaking to the current forces that preside over current new moon help us discern what from our past lunar rotation falls away, what remains, and where the opportunities for new growth reside.
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