Energy blocks or intrusions can form in the body when soul loss or power loss has occurred, leaving vulnerabilities in the energy field.  Often these intrusions can occur from negative thought forms either from our own psyche or from others projections, considered a form of personal or unintentional sorcery.

Intrusions can often come from unintentional forms of emotions being directed to a person, from more intentional ill-wishing considered amateur sorcery, to more sophisticated professional curses.  From a supportive place, the role of a practitioner is to perceive and remove harmful energy from the body and energy field assisting the client in unraveling and intentional or unintentional intrusions.

The Work

Ritual work done here includes working with the spirits on behalf of the client which unravel personal or unintentional sorcery, curses, or negative thought forms and energies which release the intrusions and transmute them. 

  • Each session begins with the ceremony by focusing our conscious intention, holding an embodied prayer for a safe and connective space where we will be working, calling on our connection to the vibrant, well ancestors, and from our helping spirits, as we begin the process.
  • We then have a brief check-in about the work and where you are in the process including any current personal situations, questions, and concerns you may have.
  • Diagnostic journey and divination are performed initially to determine the best approach to the work.
  • Rituals are then performed to compassionately extract the intrusive energies.  Depending on what they are this may include a guided journey for intentional dismemberment to unravel forms of self-sorcery, include offerings to appease the spirits, or my working within more elaborate processes which involve several hours of multifaceted ritual approaches performed by me on your behalf.
  • As we conclude our work together, thanking the powers, often, your ancestral guide and supportive spirits may give you further homework to focus on, based on what happened during the work to support the process of moving the healing forward. This can be a ritual you perform or offerings to be given by you on a daily basis to ensure integration of the restored vibrancy,


Compassionate Depossession/Extraction work can be done in person,  and yet because it is ‘non-local’ work, it can also be done long distance. I have been able to be of service to folks both nationally and internationally as a ritual healing practitioner. 

A session includes 3 components: initial diagnostic, the ritual work, and a follow-up session. 

We will meet initially to discuss relevant information and then I will begin the diagnostic work. We will follow up with a brief check in, so that you know the work is beginning.  I will email you to set up the final consultation with the work is complete. Depending on what is occurring the work may transpire over a 24-48 hour period or longer.  I will check in with you to let you know how the work is proceeding.

The offering for the work is $200.00 and you can complete a 15 minute free consultation to see if we are a good fit to work in this way on your behalf.