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Authenticity and Personal Sovereignty Retreat

Join me on a retreat for the day to discover your authentic self where you will come to deeply appreciate your personal sovereignty.

Fall Equinox Passage

Engage in rituals which honor the rhythm of the Earth. Be in personal ceremony which will inform you of what needs to fall away from your experiences since the spring equinox and will guide you on how to prepare for the long winter.

Healing the Shadow Self: A Hero’s Journey

Please join me in a day of embarking on your Hero’s Journey to embracing your shadow self. Using visioning meditations, creative self-exploration, Karuna Reiki, and ritual, you will meet your shadow, gain clarity about how (s) he is affecting your life, heal, reconcile and integrate shadow aspects, and develop heart centered ways of relating to shadow by aligning with a personal daily ritual or practice.

The Dream Submersion Series

The Dream Submersion Series is 6 afternoon sessions of deep connection to the wisdom of our dreams tracked through visioning, meaningful dialogue, and ritual to honor the spirits.