THe Alchemy of Becoming 


Ritual Immersion for Renewal

You and I have spoken all these words,
but as for the way we have to go,
words are no preparation.
There is no getting ready, other than grace….
Inside each of us, there’s continual autumn.
Our leaves fall and are blown out over the water.
A crow sits in the blackened limbs 
and talks about what’s gone….
There’s a necessary dying, 
and then Jesus is breathing again.
Very little grows on jagged rock.
Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers
will come up where you are. 
You’ve been stony for too many years. 
Try something different.
Jalaluddin Rumi
(translated by Coleman Barks)


Autumn approaches and with her, the crisp, clear air of morning, the lingering golden hours of early evening. In September, it is as though the Earth takes pause, there is a palpable and anointed respite between inhalation and exhalation.

What a rich and powerful moment to pause and reflect on what we are ready to let fall away. As we watch leaves floating to the ground in the fall, we are reminded that the cycles of nature always mirror our own lives, reflecting back exactly what we need to grow again and again. Autumn is a time of letting go and releasing things that are no longer serving us on our path. Rituals of relinquishment are especially potent in the swirly, gusty Autumn air. Fall inspires us to get out of the way and let Spirit take the lead.

With deep bows to the lessons of Summer, we embark on the journey of Fall. I invite you to join in the offering below as it is Every season brings its own initiations, but Fall rites of passage are the most important because they illuminate the rituals for all the other months of the year. By actively engaging in the rituals of Fall, we keep the circle of life turning. Our actions and sacred intentions serve as a catalyst for renewal in the spring, for all of nature both seen and unseen, over and over again, as we travel through the seasons.


Join this Sacred Way of Becoming

– During this day of ritual tending we track our Becoming, we nurture the mythos of dark and starkness of winter what falls away and begs to be composted.  

– Experience the initiations of Fall, rituals grounded in safety and support to help restore equanimity and balance through intentional dismemberment of those known and unknown places which create obstacles for you living fully and in alignment.

 – What projects need completing before you reach the longest night, & what loose ends need tying up? What remains to be harvested that will sustain you in the Bone Cave of the Winter? What remains to be gathered? What seeds of potentiality need your nurturance so that your aspirations may blossom in the spring? 

How it Works

This sweet liminal place potently tended is a land rich with your personal metaphors waiting to be witnessed, alchemised and birthed into being.  In our time together you will enjoy the safe container co-created by our focused intention to:

  • Create ritual space in which you will explore the initiations of the Fall equinox.
  • Orient to an experiential space as opposed to an interpretive space.
  • Engage in rituals of dismemberment and rebirth
  • Develop meaningful connections gaining insight into how your ancestors and other helping spirits are guiding you in restoring harmony and balance.
  • Receive guidance and deep wisdom to assist you in tracking, following synchronicity, and embodying your experiences as you move forward.


Live Call

11 am eastern time 

September 23rd, 2023 

We’ll meet from 11 am until 2pm. We’ll be using the Zoom platform, which is free and can be accessed online, through the Zoom app, or via telephone call-in.

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'Shannon cultivates such a grounded and potent safe vessel in which to explore the more edgier aspects of life through ritual. She is exponentially gifted in using ritual intention and vivid metaphor as we explore these terrains. Grateful for all of her support and guidance! ~ Laurie, United States