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Welcome to Forces of Nature: Connection Through Ritual Invocation

Forces of Nature

Foundational Practices for Ritual Connection


I’m happy to be co-weaving this potent liminal offering with you.  Our time together will be spent wisely in a connective and diligent way as we move through deepening ritual skills in relation to necessary connections needed to hold boundaried sacred space for yourself and others. 
The lessons and practices provided inform ways to build culturally informed allyship within the larger web of relations within a safe, grounded framework, Content is delivered in a non-dogmatic and experiential context, rooted in informative guided drop-in/meditations and rituals that are inclusive to people of diverse beliefs and ancestries.
Weekly, you will receive a lesson for you to review and practice the ritual application. These lessons will be available on Sunday by 9am Eastern beginning February 12th and will drop subsequent Sundays through March 26th.
Following the practice lesson we will have a weekly call which will be roughly one-third responsive teaching, and one dropped in ritual for support and connection with the bigger powers with whom you are deepening connection based upon the lesson that was provided the prior Sunday. It’s helpful to come to the live call having reviewed the lesson. Those calls are on Thursdays at 3pm Eastern, 

You can find all course information in the links below. When a weekly call is complete, recordings will be posted on the calls and recordings page within a couple of days. 

This course is a requirement for the Foundations of Psychopomp Practitioner Training.  If you are interested in applying you can find more details here: FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOPOMP. The application process is now open

Elements of the Course
I encourage you throughout the course to clarify any questions that arise through the Frequently Asked Questions page and to consider engaging with others through the ten live video conferences which will be recorded. Navigation to locate these important course elements, once the course begins are below:
  • Course Calendar. You can stay on top of lesson release dates and live conferences in the course calendar, which you can add to your own Google Calendar.
  • Ask Shannon & FAQ Pages. We’ll have dedicated space for any questions that arise as you delve into the work and if relevant and agreed to share with the group, they will be made anonymous, compiled and shared as a resource for garnering collective wisdom. Feel welcome to  Ask Shannon using the link on the left sidebar, Shannon will follow up either personally in email, through the FAQ page, or in the live video conferences.
  • Live Video Conferences. I will host a 90-minute-long group support/Q&A session every week on Monday at 5pm using the free Zoom platform The schedule and the link to join as well as links for the post-conference recordings (posted within a few days of the event) can be found in the left sidebar under Live Calls.
  • Community. Ritual followup/homeplay assignments and community support are available to you via our intentional community for the course. You can access that here: Forces of Nature Community Space.
  • Troubleshooting. If you encounter any glitches with the course or need help getting into Zoom, try our troubleshooting page.
You will have continual access to the course without limit, although the Ask Shannon function will be closed shortly after the course ends. 
Welcoming you all for dedicating your time here and hoping you have a fruitful experience. Please reach out to me at with any questions that arise