Welcome to Our Practitioner Network

The Psychopomp Collective is a network of dedicated practitioners who work directly on behalf of disincarnate beings in non-ordinary reality, guiding them compassionately through the process of elevation and transitioning. All practitioners listed in this Directory have completed the Foundations of Psychopomp Practitioner Training, and agree to the Psychopomp Practitioner Ethos.


Practitioner Directory Disclosure and Disclaimer

The Psychopomp Practitioner Directory can help you to connect with a practitioner in our Network.

Although Red Earth maintains the certification of practitioners and the active status of trainees, we cannot and do not guarantee that any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual. This includes when Red Earth staff or other teams members have participated in making a referral to a specific practitioner or trainee.

All practitioners and trainees agree to follow the Psychopomp Practitioner Ethos and to honor that healing services are not a substitute for other appropriate and often essential forms of physical, psychological, cultural, and spiritual medicine and healing.


Users of the directory understand and agree that Red Earth Healing provides the Directory as a resource for the user’s convenience. In the capacity that the practitioners and trainees provide services such that they are listed in this directory, the practitioners and trainees are not employees, contractors, or agents of  Red Earth Healing. The User understands that when a practitioner or trainee listed in the directory is also an employee or contractor with Red Earth Healing, the scope of the engagement between Red Earth Healing and the practitioner does not encompass the delivery of the psychopomp sessions. Red Earth Healing is neither liable nor responsible for the actions of the practitioners and trainees included in the Directory or for the actions of those using the Directory.

By using this directory, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Meet Our Practitioners

To explore the offerings each practitioner provides please click on their name and you will be directed to their website. 

Most guide distance sessions (video conference or phone), can meet in-person, and have widely varied professional skills, identities, interests, and language fluencies.