We have been dreaming since the dawn of mankind, and as dreaming is a universal experience with a very long history, just about every culture since this time has held dreams in fascination, understanding that dreams have particular relevance to waking life.  In animist cultures dreams were told upon waking to family and tribal members as often there was a gifted dreamer who held dreams for others and the community in which crops were planted in more favorable conditions, dangerous storms were forewarned, and ill fortune and sickness was prevented.

I view dream work which includes direct visioning and journeying as an art of being fully present while embodying an inner knowing which comes from the realm of dreams.  I orient to dreamwork as a animist, upholding the sacred notion of the relationality between human and other-than-human kin as having consciousness through which communication occurs in both waking and liminal states.

Throughout my life, I have had powerful and often prolific dreams and for 30 years I have kept a journal of my dreams with literally thousands of dream recounts. As a seasoned dream explorer, I began ritually tending my own dreams through dream reentry, following dream synchronicity, and pulling my dreams into my waking life to understand the unique benefits of using them to walk my truest path.  Through my clinical training in counseling with a focus on Jungian techniques (Depth Psychology) facilitating dream circles for 7 years, workshops,  mentoring with Robert Moss and consulting privately with individuals, I know, both intimately and through witnessing, the benefits of understanding the soul’s journey in non-ordinary reality as we sleep and embodying those experiences in waking life. 

Actively engaging in dream work to discover the benefits of your dreams and visions enables an allowing and direction of your soul’s purpose.


The Work

Dream Midwifery, the sweet liminal place between waking and dreaming is a land rich with your personal metaphors waiting to be witnessed and birthed into being. In our time together you will enjoy the safe container co-created by our focused intention to:

  • Create ritual space in which you may explore the many realms of your waking and sleeping states
  • Explore several approaches laying the foundation of your dreaming and journeying practices from an experiential space as opposed to an interpretive space.
  • Develop techniques to assist you with dream recall, through journaling and dream re-entry
  • Develop deep wisdom associated with dream tracking, following synchronicity, putting your dreams into action
  • Learn how to differentiate different types of dreams and work them for your highest good.
  • Develop meaningful connections gaining insight into how your guides and ancestors are directing you through your dreams and visions.



Dreamwork sessions are available through:

  • One on one sessions: Wanting support with certain dreams that you feel are meaningful? In these sessions, we will explore the rich landscapes and imagery, interacting with your dreaming self, the characters in motion discovering the messages conveyed. We will de-charge negative dreams, learning how to make them an ally and transform your life through dream re-entry.
  • Becoming a part of the Dream Tribe community locally in Athens GA and online! We’ve a strong group of dedicated dream tenders that have been meeting for 7 years semi-monthly in Athens and virtually online exploring our dreams/visions in depth.  If you are interested in joining one of these cohorts, please message me.